Currently Living in Mexico…and loving it!

What’s up Adventure Nation!?

We know you are probably tired of hearing about Los Barriles by now.

If you don’t know about Los Barriles in Baja MX, it’s a small town on the East Cape of Baja California Sur, that packs a punch! With endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation, Los Barriles has something for everyone.

If you’re a beach bum, then this is the spot for you!

With white sand beaches and turquoise waters, you can swim, paddleboard, kayak, kite, wing, wind surf, or just catch some rays.

There are also some awesome beachside bars and restaurants serving up tasty seafood and drinks.

Feeling adventurous?

Try a boat tour to see some whales or test your luck with sportfishing.

You could even explore the desert landscape on an ATV or camp under the stars.

To really get into the local culture, check out one of the festivals!

From the East Cape Dorado Shootout to Semana Santa, there’s a celebration for everyone.

At the end of the day, it’s all about taking it easy and enjoying the little things.

Lorena and I are still trying to slow down a little and start living our best beach life.

I think we’re doing a good job so far!

We’ll have another blog post out soon, but in the meantime check out our Youtube channel here —>>

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