About Us

Our love of travel is how we got into this whole mess!

We wanted to travel the world together, but before we started doing that we figured there were a lot of places to see in the good old USA first.

We sold everything we owned in Las Vegas, NV, bought a motorhome (The Motorhome Experiment) and set out on an amazing journey that has amazed even us.

We have since renamed our journey, “Life with Paul and Lorena” to better convey our grander vision of traveling beyond North America and just living in an RV.

We love all things Disney.

We love the mountains.

We love the ocean.

We love learning about new cultures.

We love people….unless you’re a dick, then we probably won’t get along.

Our sense of humor is not for everybody and we’re okay with that.

Our sense of adventure isn’t for everyone either, but we hope you’ll stick around and see where this adventure takes us.

Paul and Lorena Charron

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