Are We Done RVing!?

The answer to this question is resounding NO!

With that being said, we are done full-time RVing for quite some time. It doesn’t mean that we won’t go back to it at some point, but we have other things we want to accomplish, other places we want to visit, and other adventures we want to embark on.

What exactly any of those things are for us right now….we have NO IDEA!

Currently, as most of you know, we are living in Orlando Florida and I am working at Walt Disney World while Lorena continues to invest in the stock market from home.

We will get into more of this as the future unfolds, but we really don’t have all the answer right now.

We are taking it day by day and when we figure it all out, our friends and loyal Youtube viewers will be the first to know.

For right now we are asking for your patience and understanding as we wrap our heads around what is is what we want to do next.

Thank you!

Paul & Lorena

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