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New York City Road Trip

RV Lifestyle

We have been living in our Class A motorhome since 2016, while sharing what we’ve learned about RV living and helping people get started with their own RV journey.


RV Solar

We’ve done our best to implement sustainable RV living using renewable energy sources like RV solar and low environmental impact practices. 

Conserving power, water and waste will make you a better ambassador of the RV lifestyle.

Smile even when the rain comes in

RV Accessories

Learn what RV accessories you need and what ones you thought you needed but don’t.

We’ve tested or researched many RV accessories and products so we can recommend them to you.

Discover romance in every sunset and adventure in every wave on your dream vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

RV Road Trip Adventures

We’ve taken many road trips that have taken us to amazing places. 

From Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories, to Baja California Sur. Your RV can take you to incredible places.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular spot for a dream vacation. With sun drenched beaches and world-class nightclubs, Cabo has something for everyone.

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Your RV electrical system is pretty simple. With a little help you should have no problem figuring it out and being able to troubleshoot it when the time comes.

Getting out of your comfort zone can turn a couples vacation into an adventure of a lifetime ~ Paul & Lorena