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RV TV Mount: Stop TV Neck Strain in 2024

RV TV Mount: Stop TV Neck Strain in 2024 : Directory

futuristic TV mount



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When it comes to mounting a TV in your RV, the best RV TV mount will depend on where you want to mount it. Most RVs will already have a spot for a TV, but most of the time those TVs do not meet the standards of today’s TV enthusiasts.

rv tv mount in front cockpit

Not only that, many times an RV TV mount may be installed in a place that makes viewing the TV difficult. There is nothing worse that watching TV with your head cranked hard to one side for hours on end. Then you get up to head to bed and can barely move your neck.

It is not difficult to put an RV TV mount in a more suitable spot in your RV. With a little thought and a few tools, you can make your TV viewing in your RV a much better experience.

If you want to take the easy route you can get a custom RV TV mount installed by a company like Brad and Hall. If you are looking for something more DIY then stick around for others ways to get it done.

Outdoor RV TV Mount Ideas

motorhome outdoor RV TV mount

One option you have is to have an RV TV mount that allows you to watch TV while you are dining or enjoying the great outdoors. Many newer RVs already have a TV outside, but older recreational vehicles do not.

Whether or not you can mount a TV outside is going to be be very dependent on the type of RV you have. Not all RVs are going to have an outdoor space that will allow for a TV to be installed. If you are lucky enough to have one that does, sitting outdoors and enjoying your favorite movie can be a very cool experience.

outdoor tv without RV tv mount
Outdoor TV without permanent RV TV mount

One the ways to do an outdoor TV if yours really isn’t setup for it, is to mount your TV in a way that isn’t permanent. You can extend a piece of wood or fiberglass from inside of one of your bays, using heavy duty drawer slides. Then set your TV on it and you’re good to go.

You can keep the wiring hidden inside the storage bay until you are ready to use it. If you are using streaming you can wirelessly stream to your TV. If you are using a wired setup you will have to figure out a way to get those wires into your bays and use a DVD player that can be setup when needed.

You can also add legs to the drawer to support a larger TV when the slides are extended all the way out.

rv TV mount in storage bay

If you are lucky enough to have a large bay door you may be able to use a regular TV mount with an articulating arm. You can mount the arm just inside the bay door and swing the TV out when you want to use it. When you are done, you simply swing your TV back inside the bay, lock it in place, and you’re good to go for next time.

You may have to modify one of the shelves inside the bay to allow for enough room for the TV, but this would make for a great way to enjoy outdoor television when out in the woods.

slide out flip down rv tv mount

If you want to get a little bit more fancy MORryde makes a slide out flip down rv tv mount that will allow a TV to fit in almost any height bay because it allows you to lay the TV back and then slide it into the bay under your rig.

This will allow you to install a larger TV even if the bay isn’t very tall.

Having your TV outside should give you easy access to your RV inverter to be able to plug in for your 110 AC power.

As you can see there are many options for an outdoor RV TV mount that will work for you. A lot depends on how much you want to enjoy your TV when sitting outside. For those of you are who are more inclined to watch TV inside, we’ll look at those options now.

Inside RV TV Mount Ideas

articulating rv tv mount

Sometimes all it will take to improve your TV viewing in your RV will be installing an articulating mount that allows you to move the TV into different viewing angles. If that’s the case you can use almost any RV TV mount that fits yours TV. You will have to make sure you can secure it well when you’re traveling so the TV doesn’t swing around and cause issues.

slide out swivel tv mount

Probably the most common rv tv mount is a rigid mount put in place where the old tv was. The older TVs were large, deep back TVs that weighed a ton. By replacing the old heavy TV with a new flat screen you can save a bunch of weight, which is always important in an RV.


You may not be able to install a larger TV using this method, but you will have the weight savings in your corner.

A total space saver is a TV mount that allows your television to be swung up and lock to the ceiling of your RV. You won’t have to take up any wall space at all using this mount. You won’t be able to do an extremely large TV using this method, but it should be more than sufficient inside most RVs.

futuristic TV mount

The last mount we’ll talk about is every man’s dream RV TV mount. I think we watched too much Jetsons when we were kids and we expect everything to be from “the future.” Well, the “televator” will give your RV that futuristic look when your TV magically appears from inside of a cabinet. You have to have the proper cabinetry for this type of install or at least be willing to give up a lot of storage space in a cabinet to install it.

Can you mount a TV in an RV?

With the information in this article you now know you can mount a TV in an RV.

Are there special TVs for RVs?

There really isn’t a special TV for an RV. You can get a 12v TV that you can use in any vehicle and not just an RV. Because your RV also has 110v outlets you can use any TV you want in your RV as long as you are plugged in, running your generator, or using your RV solar system.

Can you mount a TV from the ceiling in a camper?

Yes, you can mount a TV from the ceiling in a camper! We mentioned above that there is a special TV mount that can mount your TV on the ceiling of any RV.

Can I mount a TV in a trailer home?

Yes, you can mount a TV in a trailer home. You can use any regular TV in your trailer home.

What is the best way to have TV in your RV?

The best way to have TV in your RV is to use a mount that will allow you to position the TV in a way that provides the best viewing angle from your preferred TV seating. You can use any regular TV in your RV. If you have wifi or better yet, Starlink, you can stream on your TV just like in your home.

What size TV is best for a motorhome?

There really isn’t a perfect answer to what size TV is best for a motorhome. You can use any size TV that you desire. By using an RV TV mount you can have it swing out from a closet, rise out of a cabinet or swing down from the ceiling.

Is a RV TV the same as a house TV?

Yes, an RV TV is the same as a house TV. Any TV that you would buy for your house can be bought for your RV.

However you decide to mount your TV, we know you will enjoy combining your love of travel withe your love of the movies.

There is nothing like being camped out in the middle of the woods and throwing on the Robin William’s classic RV adventure movies….RV.

Safe travels!

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