Las Vegas Strip Walking Tour

las vegas strip

When Lorena and I lived in Las Vegas, one of our favorite things to do was to park at a Las Vegas strip hotel and take a walk on the world famous Las Vegas strip.

Talk about great people watching!

Anytime we visit Las Vegas we make it a point to hit the strip at least once.

On this trip we decided to park at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana Ave and walk north up the strip to the Bellagio and then return.

Walking through the MGM Grand from the parking garage is quite a hike. It’s just under half a mile from the parking garage to the Las Vegas strip.

We walked across the pedestrian bridge from the MGM to the New York New York Hotel and casino. Then we walked through the casino and out the north side to the Park.

We stopped for dinner in the Park Hotel and Casino before walking to the back and jumping on the monorail that joins the Park Hotel and casino with the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

Once we arrived inside the Bellagio we went to check out the display in their atrium.

They change this display four times a year. They do a winter, spring, summer and fall display. We were visiting in September so this was the fall display, and this was probably the coolest one we’ve ever seen. There were pumpkins and fairies and more. 

It was spectacular. It is really well done and super colorful. Most if not all of the florals are real. Obviously, the trees and stuff, the giant trees are not real, but most of the florals are real and it is spectacular. 

We highly recommend if you’re in Las Vegas to come to the Bellagio just to check out the atrium.

After walking two and a half to three miles on the strip, we decided to change it up a little bit and we jumped on the Las Vegas monorail, took a ride up to the Las Vegas convention Center and back to get a different perspective of the MSG sphere.

After we got back to the MGM we grabbed our car and headed up to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.

We had not been to the top of the Stratosphere Tower in a long time.

The view of the strip and the rest of Vegas is spectacular.

It’s amazing.

The observation deck is approximately 871 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

The next afternoon Lorena and I decided to walk a different part of the strip from Sands Ave to Flamingo Rd and back.

It’s one of our favorite walks down the strip and we knew we would get our 10,000 steps in.

We parked at the Wynn and headed south through the Venetian.

We’re going to head on down the strip and we’ll see where we wind up.

We’ll probably turn around at Caesar’s Palace? Yeah.

As we were walking I asked Lorena, “how does it feel to be back in the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas?”

She said, “It feels good. We’ve been in a small town for so long that it’s entertaining, but I don’t think I could move back here.”

I concurred. “It’s a great place to come and visit now. But we wouldn’t want to live here.”

I will say that Las Vegas is an ever changing city. If you go away for just a little while and you come back, there’s so many new things. And definitely the case now we haven’t been here in over a year or maybe even two going on two years.

There are so many cool new things here. It’s insane.

We walked through the Linq which was fairly new when we lived here and it wasn’t quite full. And now it’s full of stuff. An established shopping and restaurant area now. Lots of restaurants and eateries and bars and entertainment things to do. Zip lining, bowling.

There’s all kinds of cool stuff.

We left the Linq Hotel and Casino heading south, then crossed the street to Caesars Palace Hotel and casino.

Then we walked through Caesars and into Caesars Forum Shops.

After that it was time to slowly walk back to the Wynn.

Fun stuff.

Vegas is a pretty cool city all the time. But there is something about the nighttime here when the sun goes down and the lights come up. 

Just spectacular. 

All the neon is crazy and charming in certain ways.

Thank you Las Vegas!!

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