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best couples vacation in new york's central park

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Paul and Lorena have been traveling together since 2007 with no sign of stopping.

In 2016, they sold everything in Las Vegas, bought a motorhome and started traveling North America.

They want to share the cool stuff they learned on their adventures, with you.

Our Past Destinations

These are only a small sample of the incredible places we’ve explored over the past decade.

paul and lorena alaska

Alaska Road Trip

Kenai Fjord Adventure Cruise

paul and lorena sun studios memphis

Memphis Road Trip

Music History Tour

paul and lorena artic ocean

Adventure Road Trips

Swimming in the Artic Ocean

paul and lorena key west

Key West Road Trip

Southernmost point in the USA

"The path ahead may be shrouded in mystery, but therein lies the beauty of the journey. Embrace the unknown, and let it guide you towards your destiny."

Paul and Lorena Charron

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